Often, you might be at someone’s place feeling tired after playing, or not feeling very social or sexual, or maybe not feeling comfortable with people who perhaps you don’t even like, and taking more and more drugs without feeling the high anymore. You might be thinking that leaving now would be the right thing to do, but perhaps you feel unable to go, putting it off, maybe even scared of going home, because that means loneliness and sadness. Perhaps the idea of coming down may be so depressing that it keeps you from leaving much longer than you would like. If this sounds familiar to you, here are some tips that can help you prevent this happening next time:


  • Remember that at some point you will have to leave. It could be now or in 10 hours’ time, when you feel even more tired and lazy.
  • It’s easier to go home to a welcoming place than to a dark, untidy mess. Make your home inviting before you leave to play. Clean your room, change the sheets, and tidy up so you feel like you’ll be going home to somewhere safe and comfortable.
  • Perhaps you can decide a time in advance that you want to play for, and set a reminder or alarm on your phone to remind you with a message. You can even download apps that call you when the reminder is due if it makes it easier for you to slip away.
  • Eating and drinking can be challenging after using T or M. Prepare for that, and fill your fridge with your favourite foods for when you come back. Knowing that you have delicious treats at home waiting for you can make leaving a place easier when you’re not enjoying it.
  • Prepare a plan for when you do get home, and to answer the question “Going home to do what?”. You can write down your feelings or write a letter to yourself (usually this is a very comforting activity, to give yourself the opportunity to express what you are feeling after a chemsex session), or how about a warm bath with candles and your favourite music to relax? Or maybe to watch the film that you always wanted to watch but you never found the time to? Don’t start a session without knowing what you can do when you get back home.

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