CONTROLLING CHEMSEX is seriously, genuinely and passionately committed to do everything we can, with all our energy and expertise to:

  • Help everybody to take control of their Chemsex, using any technology that we have available, to make things as easy as possible for those who struggle accessing traditional Chemsex services.
  • Help to minimise risks when they are using Chems (sexual health, mental health, physical health and safety).
  • Delivery of accurate, reliable and very practical information regarding Chemsex, particularly information that covers vital areas that people struggling with Chemsex continue to search for but does not yet exist.
  • Help to learn how to negotiate boundaries, especially on hook-up apps.
  • Help people to be able to re-engage with sober sex, and to find different ways to explore intimacy without drugs.
  • Help people to reconnect with the community and to be able to experience joy without Chems.