Chemsex support on grindr scruff
THIS SERVICE IS FULLY OPERATING WITH A PERMANENT PRESENCE IN LONDON. We are working very hard  to reach wider areas.

It is a reality that Grindr and Scruff are the most popular platforms that people involved in Chemsex use to contact one another. 

We all know how easy is to find a drug dealer there, but there was no Chemsex support on there at all. Aware that these are the places where so many people looking for Chemsex are, experiencing big difficulties because of it, and with so many temptations, CONTROLLING CHEMSEX has created profiles that are set among all the other profiles on Grindr/Scruff, to provide chemsex support there. We are using fake location apps to modify the GPS of our devices, moving them regularly around the city, trying to cover the widest area as possible to facilitate the access of those who need any kind of Chemsex support. We are not contacting anyone, we are there to be contacted if someone needs it, and we are trying to operate 24/7, days and nights, considering the huge response that this initiative is having.

Our support is facilitating:

  • Information and tips regarding Chemsex for those who need it, including to people who are worried about loved ones and don’t know how to support them.
  • Brief interventions to provide support regarding something specific.
  • Booking appointments to access our 1 to 1 support service online for those who feel that they need more structured support.
  • Signposting those who need more especialised support from another services (G detox, sexual assaults, counselling services, homeless, refugees, etc).

When our Phone Chemsex Help Line and the CONTROLLING CHEMSEX Online Course are finally operating, they will become a very important tool that will increase the effectiveness of the work that we are running on Grindr and Scruff.

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