Sometimes people contact us and they ask: "do you think I have a problem?", "Do you think I am an addict"? and obviously we can't answer that. Nobody else apart from yourself can say how much chemsex is affecting your life, and in case that it’s having an impact, how deep that impact is. Some people might tell you that you have a problem, and perhaps you are not sure if they are right, and if they are right, how serious this problem is. Sometimes it’s just you who is not sure about it, and you don’t know if it would be better to explore the idea of changing something or not.

CONTROLLING CHEMSEX is aware of this situation, and we want to help you to explore these questions. You have here these two self assessments, in two different versions. The short one for those who don't have a long time or the patient to use the long version. Both of them are COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS AND CONFIDENTIAL. YOU WON’T SUBMIT ANY INFORMATION AND IT HAS BEEN DESIGNED FOR YOUR PERSONAL USE ONLY