My name is Maxwell, and I am a dedicated chemsex well-being coach and volunteer at various LGBT services since 2017. Currently, I serve as a Sexual Health adviser, where I frequently encounter the topic of chemsex and conduct assessments to address and control its impact.


My unwavering passion lies in promoting sexual health and well-being within the LGBT+ community. Recently, I successfully completed my Diploma in Sexual Compulsive Behaviours, which has greatly enhanced my ability to support individuals struggling with problematic chemsex.


As a gay man who has personally faced the challenges of accepting my own sexuality, growing up in a Catholic environment in Zimbabwe proved to be an arduous journey. However, through seeking support and undergoing therapy, I discovered self-acceptance. It is my heartfelt aspiration to assist others in their quest for authenticity and inner acceptance, especially in a world where discrimination continues to affect the lives of many within the community.

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