I'm Martin, originally from Barcelona, Spain. I was raised in a family with several addiction problems which forced me to understand the addictive behaviour from a different perspective. Due to this I developed curiosity about drugs since I was young having troubles with them at some points of my life. After a long walk of personal work and spirituality I discovered how beautiful life is when we connect with the simplicity of it. I learnt the healing power of mindfulness and I’m helping others trough this tool. 

I've been deeply involved with the LGTBIQ+ community in the last few years which allows me to understand and learn more about our needs. I was coordinating social events in a LGBTQ+ basketball team, working to create a little family trough the sport.

My interest in chemsex started living in London and seeing how it was affecting some of my friends in every area of their life, and trying to help them I discovered it was more than drugs and sex. For that I decided to involve me in volunteering and help as much as I can to support others in that situation.

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