Hello, my name is Adrian and I'm one of the Chemsex Specialist Advisors at CONTROLLING CHEMSEX.

In 2022 I joined the Controlling Chemsex team, getting ready to become a chemsex specialist advisor. I got training for nearly 6 months in order to get prepared to start seeing clients, learning about motivational interviewing, harm reduction, reconnecting with joyful things in life, delivery of effective strategies for people to learn how to manage cravings, how to identify triggers, how to reconnect with sober sex and intimacy, etc. Since then, I have been working passionately supporting people who are struggling with this phenomenon.

My passion and mission are to accompany others on their journey of healing and regaining joy and authenticity into their lives. I provide an empathetic, safe, and supportive environment in which clients can speak freely without fear of judgment.

It's such a privilege to be a part of the CONTROLLING CHEMSEX family. We care, we work hard and we are committed to helping others who are where many of us were in the past.

Who Am I outside of Therapy? I was born in the Caribbean with South American parents and have been living in London for 13 years. Perhaps because of living in different countries, I'm very curious of different cultures and backgrounds. I am happiest around friends, family and great food!

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