I am a gay, HIV positive man. I am also a Doctor and a GP in London. My journey into medicine started with my HIV diagnosis and a drive to help others who find themselves in a vulnerable position. I have a special interest in sexual health and I have worked in an NHS sexual health clinic. I am currently working towards becoming a COSRT-accredited psychosexual and relationship therapist.

I am proud of my sexuality and I am proud of my journey. But it has not been an easy one. Like many others in the community, I have battled with trauma and I have personal experience of chemsex. I am still standing and I am now in a position to help others come out the other side, stronger.

In my approach to therapy, I use Person Centred and Transactional Analysis tools. What you will get from me if we choose to work together is an active and interested, non-judgmental listener, unconditional positive regard, empathy and potentially some targeted exercises, tips and information. All of this in order to build a stable therapeutic relationship and to get to the root cause of your chemsex use together and at your pace.

Chemsex use and addiction can be beaten. The recovery process can make you stronger. I would be honoured to try help you along this journey.

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