Hello my name is Philip, and I am a Londoner, living in Hackney with my Brazilian husband. I have always been a gay rights activist: fighting for gay rights in every area of life, with policies, zaps, kiss ins and demonstrations. Now my activism involves volunteering to help gay men caught up in the dark and confusing world of Chemsex

I started to provide Chemsex support since 2015 and am now volunteering at 3 different London based Chemsex organisations as well as helping a number of friends in trouble. I managed to successfully overcome my own unhealthy and destructive lifestyle after a number of crises in 2012 and believe that it is up to us as a community, as it was 30 years ago, to support each other in a world where we can still be invisible and vulnerable.

I have spent most of my professional life in education and believe that this work has a lot of similarities with Chemsex support   We provide empathy and a non judgmental ear but within a clear system of skills, organisation and boundaries. Providing a structure and a helping hand to support our journeys towards happier and more rewarding sense of self..

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