After experiencing a personal loss of a friend due to complications with their addiction and involvement with chemsex, I decided to give back to the community knowing that at the time, there wasn't enough being been done to support people who were affected by the chems and chem sex scene, or even post support for chem users and their friends and family.

Looking at this gap, I volunteered with London Friend where I developed many years experience as a senior key worker within their substance and alcohol support group, Antidote. While at Antidote I gained the most of my experience in supporting LGBT people that had control issues around substance and alcohol use.

From Antidote, I worked with Positive UK and Positive East supporting their network of friends and family affected by HIV.

After a few years gap from volunteering, this brings me to the last few months where I have been working with Ignacio to help develop, deploy and support the group Controllingchemsex, an online service that helps the LGBT community with their direct and indirect effects of chem sex.

I hope to continue the work with Ignacio in creating and continuing a unique service for people affected by chems and chemsex, providing much needed support for London, UK and the rest of the world utilising online tools to help the people receive much needed support.

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