Hello, my name is Natasha and I’m a Psychosexual and Relationships therapist in training and a proud member of the CONTROLLING CHEMSEX family. My approach combines bio-psycho-social dimensions of sexual and relationship health and is “pluralistic” in its therapeutic approach.

What does this mean? It means I recognise that each of us is different, with unique stories and needs, and we respond to different approaches – pluralism allows us to work together, taking the best approach and tailoring it to what works for you and your needs. The most important ingredient is that our relationship is based on empathy, curiosity and is free of judgement.

So why am I here at CONTROLLING CHEMSEX? The Queer community has been a big part of my life. I had the unusual upbringing of knowing more Queer people than Straight people in my very early years. It’s a community I’m close to, admire and respect. As such, understanding, upskilling, and offering support on Chemsex is crucial because it impacts many people I love and will love in time to come. To be able to support the community on the very real Chemsex challenges we see, is a privilege.

How can I support? My background and passion is in Psychology, in which I obtained a Masters with Distinction over a decade ago. This led me to work 1:1 with senior executives across various industries and countries and allowed me to support leaders when at their best AND at their most vulnerable. It’s taught me that no matter who we are, how successful we might be, or how much others may think we are invincible, the reality is we are all human, experience fears, shame, and want connection. This prompted me to further develop my psychological skills in a more therapeutic way and so I completed my Foundation in Contemporary Psychotherapy at the BeeLeaf Institute in London and am currently completing the Diploma at the Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology (CICS) to qualify as a Sexology and Couples Therapist (COSRT accredited).

Who Am I outside of Therapy? I was born in the Middle East, lived in India during the Gulf Warand have been in London for over 25 years. Perhaps because of living in different countries, I consider myself somewhat of a curious nomad, happiest when learning about new places, new people and new food!

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