Hello! I’m Duncan and I joined Controlling Chemsex as a Chemsex Specialist Advisor in 2022. After many chaotic years of spiralling deeper and deeper into my addictions, I began my chemsex recovery journey in 2018 and have since wanted to find ways to return the professional (and personal) support that I received through Antidote and London Friend. The more awareness that can be brought to this area of addiction, the better. I’m delighted to be working with all the team here. Outside of my position with Controlling Chemsex, I am a counsellor based in Brighton, mainly working with MSM who experience challenges around sex, addiction, sexuality, identity, gender and shame.

I have a lived experience of addiction and recovery, which allows me to understand the complexities and struggles that come with this specific addiction. I know that with enough support and understanding that life can be full of meaning and purpose, and my mission is to help those who are willing to make changes.

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