I'm Luca and I have been working in Health & Wellbeing since 2011.

I started as a mentor for children and then as a Learning disabilities & Mental Health support worker, following my desire to supporting people and motivate them in reaching the change they want or need. 

After losing a dear friend because of his involvement with Chemsex, I decided to change my career to be able to help and support the community and their families facing the consequences of Chemsex or people just wanting help to navigate it in a safe way. 

I have been working in Sexual health (HIV prevention) for the last 7 years as well as a Chemsex Specialist Advisor at Code (56 Dean Street Sexual Health Clinic, in London) for 5 years where I had the huge privilege of having David Stuart as mentor and friend and learn from him. In the meantime in the last year I have been working at the Club Drug Clinic.

My aim is to continue supporting those struggling with addiction not only in London but around the world with the amazing team at Controlling Chemsex . My goal is to help them in achieving the beautiful life they can see, they want, but they are struggling to reach."

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