I’m Daniel.  I’m a psychotherapist working with clients on issues including identity, self-acceptance, understanding and managing emotions, and purpose and meaning.  I'm also a qualified organisational and social psychologist and an executive coach. 

I've previously worked as a mentor for the Albert Kennedy Trust, supporting LGBTQ+ young people manage issues around identity, coming out, relationships, housing and homelessness. I'm grateful to have the opportunity through Controlling Chemsex to support people dealing with issues around sex, sexuality and substance use.

In my therapeutic work, my aim is to help make it safe for people to be themselves.  What this means to me is helping people know and understand themselves better, so they have a solid foundation from which to grow and develop, and to forge satisfying and rewarding relationships with others. 

Prior to retraining as a psychologist and psychotherapist I worked in corporate finance in the City, so I have a good understanding of the intense pressures to perform and conform that many of us manage in our day to day working lives.

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